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Computer Vision for Computer Graphics

Seminar – Summer Semester 2014

Organizers: Christian Theobalt, Christian Richardt

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Sums of Gaussians body model
(Stoll et al., ICCV 2011)
Sums of Gaussians hand model
(Sridhar et al., ICCV 2013)

Format of the seminar (summary)

Each week:

  • Before the seminar:
    • Read the topic papers and think about them.
    • Submit 2+ questions for discussion before seminar to richardt (at) This is important – your contribution will be marked.
  • At the seminar:
    • Presentation (30 minutes, 30% of mark):
      • One pre-assigned participant presents.
      • ~5 minutes of summary of previous week, finding themes that join the two weeks.
      • ~25 minutes of presentation of two papers, focusing on the common links between the papers.
    • Discussion (45–60 minutes, 30% of mark across weeks):
      • One person is assigned at random at the beginning of the seminar to lead the discussion. Everybody leads discussion at least once in the seminar series.
      • The discussion leader receives a digest of questions submitted before the seminar.
      • The discussion leader provides a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques and of the discipline, and then raises questions appropriately throughout discussion.

After the seminar series:

  • Written report on your topic (40% of mark):
    • 3–4 pages on the two papers.
    • 2–3 pages on improvements and your own ideas.
    • Include 3–4 additional references to 'round out' the topic and further your own ideas.