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Classical Concepts of Computer Vision and
Computer Graphics in the Neural Age

Seminar – Summer Semester 2024

Organizers: Christian Theobalt, Marc Habermann, Thomas Leimkühler, Rishabh Dabral

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Nerf Taming Transformers
Embedded deformation for shape manipulation,
ToG, 2007
A Deeper Look into DeepCap
TPAMI, 2021


If have questions about this seminar, please contact us via thomas.leimkuehler@mpi-inf.mpg.de or mhaberma@mpi-inf.mpg.de.


To register your interest, please visit https://seminars.cs.uni-saarland.de/sose24seminars.

Please note that this seminar was called Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Computer Graphics in the previous years. The number of available presentation slots is limited to 12. This seminar will only take place if at least 8 participants have registered.


Format: Only in person.
Time: Thursdays, 14:15 – 15:45
Location: Room 630, E1 5 (MPI-SWS)
April 11th: Introduction and presentation of topics (attendance is not mandatory for this session, but highly recommended)
April 18th*: Talk: "How to read an academic paper"
April 25th*: Talk: "How to give a good talk"
May 2nd* – July 25th: Seminar talks by participants

*Please note that the schedule has been modified. The first talk wil now happen on 2nd May instead of 25th April.