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Seminar – Summer Semester 2020

Organizers: Christian Theobalt, Mohamed Elgharib, Vladislav Golyanik

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 (ECCV, 2018) Scene Representation Networks (NeurIPS, 2019)
Dense Pose Transfer
(ECCV, 2018)
Scene Representation Networks: Continuous 3D-Structure-Aware Neural Scene Representations
(NeurIPS, 2019)

Materials / Slides

How to read an academic paper

Just as you wouldn’t read a website or newspaper in the same way that you would read a novel, there are both efficient and inefficient ways to read academic papers. Learning to read a new kind of material is hard work, and you should try to adapt your reading style to accommodate the characteristics of the medium. It might take some time to find a reading style or method which works best for the individual, but some general guidelines are broadly applicable. We present a list of online references from a computer science perspective which may help you adjust more quickly to the reading task at hand:

How to Write an Academic Paper

Academic writing is similarly different from other forms of writing. We present a list of online references which may help you write your reports:

How to Give an Academic Presentation